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Children's Entertainment, Musical Programs, Storytelling Programs, Library Programs

Children's Programs
Featuring fiddle, mountain dulcimer, bodhran (irish drum),
singing, dancing and percussion playing by audience.

Children's Entertainment, Musical Programs, Storytelling Programs, Library Programs

Program One   30-45 minutes for ages 3-10
Perfect for festivals, living history events, schools and any special event where there are 2 or more children.

  • Mary plays lively & spirited fiddle tunes.
  • Children join the "Band" as the percussion section. Percussion instruments provided.
  • Participatory songs with fiddle & bodhran (Irish drum) and Songs from the Sea.
  • Well-known children's sing-a-longs with mountain dulcimer & bodhran.
  • Storytelling with movement & sound.
  • Irish dance with instruction.

    Fee: $200 for 30 minutes, $250 for 45 minutes (plus mileage for out-of-state bookings)

Program Two   1-3 hours for ages 2-10

  • Mary plays lively & spirited fiddle tunes.
  • Children join the 'Band' as the percussion section. Percussion instruments provided.
  • Children clap & dance - great fun!

    Fee: $300.00 for 1-3 hours (plus mileage for out-of-state bookings)

Thank you so much for visiting the Newport Public Library
on Wednesday and for providing such a wonderful music program.
The children and families had a great time and loved the singing, dancing and clapping.
Your show is terrific and I will definitely plan on calling you again in the future.

 — Cathy, Children's Librarian
February 21, 2014

Mary King has a rare gift, the ability to captivate a young audience's attention with her delightful interactive musical performance and gentle humor. It's pitch perfect fun for all ages!

— Lindsay Shaw, Children's Librarian
The Providence Athenaeum

We definitely would like you to come ... You are a beloved part of the Norman Bird Sanctuary
Fair and children clearly love your performance and interactive program.
We are happy that you'll be able to be a part of it again this year!

    — Lesley Muir, Director of Development
    Norman Bird Sanctuary

Welcome, Mary King!
A nice "Welcome!" from students at a recent performance.

Activities you will be doing with Mary King



Marching & Clapping


Watching Step Dancing

Moving & Singing

I'm writing to say the biggest THANK YOU I can for helping to make DreamNight
a success this year.  The staff from Hasbro was so impressed with the event as a whole,
and the smiles on the faces of the children that were enjoying the night were priceless!
 And that's due in large part to your overwhelming support for this event.
 I can't thank you enough for participating and I know I speak for Hasbro as well.
 Here's to another fabulous year and a truly wonderful event. Thank you!

— Jill Austin, Special Events Coordinator
Roger William Park Zoo

I was searching for someone to come play the fiddle and to teach some step dancing
for my daughter's 5th birthday party. Mary King responded with such a genuine interest
in coming to create a great time for my daughter and her friends that I knew right away
we were in for a treat! Mary had a way about her that made me feel at ease working with her,
and we found her to be the perfect mix of professional and personal. She was very gracious
and easy going--and she brought a smile with her music that gave our birthday girl
a fiddle/dance party she will never forget! :) She comes with our highest recommendation!

— Lisa B.
Harvard, MA

For additional information or bookings, please contact Mary King
at 401-500-0234 or

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Professional live Irish harp, Celtic harp, Irish fiddle, Celtic fiddle music for weddings and other special events in the greater Rhode Island area. Mary provides delightful entertainment for library programs, cocktail hours, corporate events, formal dinners, formal teas, art festivals, music festivals, senior center programs, nursing home programs, children's parties, and other events and private gatherings. Irish harp, Celtic harp, Irish fiddle, and Celtic fiddle lessons available. Mary is a member of the Sidewalk Stompers and Celebrating Ireland.